Helen Betty Tufts Kreger

Helen Tufts was born November 10, 1896, in Exeter, New Hampshire. She was the youngest child of Professor Tufts and his wife Effie. She lived her entire life in Exeter and documented it in detail. There are diaries from her life preserved at the Exeter Historical Society and scrapbooks and pictures have recently been preservedContinue reading “Helen Betty Tufts Kreger”

Delmont Tufts family of Pittsfield, Massachusetts

I am trying to find the family descendants of this family who ran this farm called Unkamet Farm in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Delmont Locke Tufts, Sr. was born in Exeter, New Hampshire December 6, 1888. He was a twin; his sister was named Theodora. They were the third and fourth children of James A Tufts IContinue reading “Delmont Tufts family of Pittsfield, Massachusetts”