This blog is my website for sharing more Tufts stories. Some of them will be private. Contact me for more information. They are for close family only for now. My primary blog covers the Tufts family descended from Peter Tufts the immigrant from England to Charlestown, Massachusetts circa 1638. Our Tufts line came from Massachusetts to Charlestown, New Hampshire then Exeter, New Hampshire. Most of these private stories will cover this branch descended from Professor James A Tufts who is chronicled here: https://tuftsgenealogy.blogspot.com/2012/12/professor-james-tufts.html

Left to right, James A Tufts I, Effie Tufts, Irving, Tufts, Helen Tufts, James A Tufts II, Theadora Tufts, Delmont Tufts.
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